Welcome to the Modern Data Experience

Well fellow Sumo’s, it is time for another professional change. I have always said that the simplest solution is always the lowest TCO. To that end, I have always admired Pure Storage’s approach to simplifying data consumption.

Storage is an essential component for serving apps, yet most IT pros treat it like a necessary evil. I have met thousands of customers over the past 16 years and not a single one ever said anything like “I can’t wait to get back to my desk and use my storage array!”

Data should be easy to consume. The old infrastructure mafia failed miserably to provide a consumer-like user experience. Furthermore, these stuffy storage overlords want customers to pay extra for the extortion practices that keep them in business.

What I like about Pure is that they took a problem that desperately needed solving (deliver a modern data experience) and made it comically simple.

Since that first clean all-flash message, Pure has evolved into a subscription company, setting the standard for fair and transparent business practices with Evergreen.  Then Pure progressed into a predictive support company with Pure1, and in so doing, set a new bar for customer satisfaction with an NPS of 82. Next, Pure became a cloud services company with Cloud Block Storage and an analytics company with AIRI.

I look forward to taking you with me on this journey to the future. The evolution continues!

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